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Pool toy floating in a pool

Let us do the work for you at the beginning and end of each season so all you need to do is enjoy! Prices vary on a few factors, but are based mostly on the specific water features of your pool and the location of your home. Contact our service department for more information.

Pool Openings

We will only be in select towns on specific days in an effort to streamline our ability to service as many customers as possible. Call now to reserve your pool opening date. Call 603-627-2527 or email

Our pool openings include:

  • Removing the cover and leaving folded
  • Lowering anchors
  • Installing ladders, eyeballs, and baskets
  • A brush of the pool walls
  • Removing plugs and reassembling the pump and filter
  • Shocking pool with chlorine & algaecide

If conditions permit, mainly the water level is correct and all equipment operational, we will leave the pool running.

If your pool isn't clear within a few days, please visit our store for additional shock and free water testing.

Notice: To ensure the cleanest water possible, remove all leaves and debris from your cover as the ice thaws. As removal of leaves and debris from the cover is NOT included as part of the opening.

Don't forget to order your spring chemicals with your pool opening. Whether it's an extra 5 gallons of shock OR your season supply of sustain. Place the order to be delivered with your pool opening and techs will deliver it free!

Payment Policy

Payment is required either before or day of service. Failure to do so will result in us rescheduling your service appointment. Thanks for your cooperation in this, as we have no desire to inconvenience any of our valued customers. We also have great deals on season chemicals and will bring them with us on day of service at no extra cost for delivery. Call Service at 603-627-2527 or email to schedule your opening or closing.

Pool Closings

Scheduling for our 2021 pool closings will work the same as our opening schedule. We will be in select towns according in an effort to streamline our ability to service as many customers as possible. Call early to reserve your pool closing date. Call 603-627-2527 or email

Our pool closings include:

  • Lowering water level
  • Remove ladders, eyeballs and baskets
  • Remove plugs from motor & filter
  • Remove pressure gauges and empty your chlorinator
  • Blow out all your lines
  • Anti-freeze to prevent freezing
  • Plug returns
  • Add winter chemical pack
  • Cover pool and store all your equipment for the spring!