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Tips from the Service Department

March 4, 2020

Spring is around the corner, a question I'm often asked is, "When should I open my pool?" There is no one size fits all to this question. I will narrow it down to what I consider the best options to take into consideration when deciding.

When do you want to swim? If you want to get in as quickly as possible, open as soon as possible. Easy decision, but what if there is no rush? Consider these factors. The longer you wait, the warmer it gets. The warmer it gets, the greener the pool gets. The greener it is, the more you spend on chemicals to bring it under control. Whatever savings on electric you see could very well be spent on chemicals. Also the frustration of fighting with your pool to make it right is sometimes not worth it. The swimming season in NH is short enough. Opening early means more dollars spent on electric. IF you have a variable speed pump, you can really cut down on this expense by filtering at lower speeds. Just keep in mind, when the pump runs at energy/money saving low speed, the heater does not have enough flow to operate.

So, now that I've made your decision twice as complicated, what is the final outcome? From my desk, I can easily say that the earlier in May you open, the better off you are, as the schedule starts to get jammed up as we progress into May. Looking forward to a very successful season, and feel free to call or email me anytime.

Ken Coyle
Service Manager